Gothenburg Salty Seamen - Men's Roller DerbyGothenburg Salty Seamen

Gothenburg Salty Seamen are Sweden's first men's roller derby team, founded in 2013 as a part of Västsvenska Roller Derby Sällskapet.

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Are you interested in joining this steadily growing group of skaters? Don't hesitate to contact Den här e-postadressen skyddas mot spambots. Du måste tillåta JavaScript för att se den.! People of all genders are welcome to practice. Apply for our rookie program for the fall 2017.

The Seamen played their first proper bout as a team at home against Rollin' Menace from Aarhus, Denmark i august 2014.

In 2015 the team stepped up their game and played five bouts and one tournament in four different countries! They are now unofficial Swedish champions after having beaten the Killer Apes from Outer Space from Norrköping at the Swedish Championship Week in Sundsvall. In 2015 they took part in the BEARDi 2015 tournament in Cannock, England and in 2016 they played the Men's European Cup 2016 in Newcastle, England.

Since the summer of 2016 the league and the team are members of the Men's Roller Derby Association! The first MRDA sanctioned bout was played at home in Gothenburg against the Nottingham Super Smash Brollers in February 2017.

The team is sponsored by Sticky Skates Roller Derby Shop who provide the team with top notch equipment and Roller Derby City who made these amazing outfits:

Swedish Champs
Photo by Jeanette Gustafsson at SM-veckan Sommar 2015 in Sundsvall.

Here are the results from all the bouts the seamen have played:

April 29th 2017 Gothenburg Salty Seamen - Crash Test Brummies 114 - 224 Angered Arena
February 11th 2017 Gothenburg Salty Seamen - Super Smash Brollers 211 - 107 MRDA sanctioned bout
November 12th 2016 Gothenburg Salty Seamen - Mad Riders 205 - 89 Men's European Cup 2016
November 12th 2016 Gothenburg Salty Seamen - Tampere Rollin' Bros 72 - 230 Men's European Cup 2016
October 22nd 2016 Gothenburg Salty Seamen - Tyne and Fear Inglorious B*Stars 131 - 254  
December 6th 2015 Gothenburg Salty Seamen - Mild Discomfort 127 - 208 BEARDi 2015 (full game)
December 5th 2015 De Ronnys - Gothenburg Salty Seamen 67 - 49 BEARDi 2015 (30-min game)
December 5th 2015 Gothenburg Salty Seamen - Manneken Beasts 111 - 48 BEARDi 2015 (30-min game)
December 5th 2015 Crash Test Brummies - Gothenburg Salty Seamen 32 - 86 BEARDi 2015 (30-min game)
July 4th 2015 Gothenburg Salty Seamen - Killer Apes from Outer Space 188 - 179 SM-Veckan (Swedish Champs)
April 11th 2015 Tampere Rollin' Bros - Gothenburg Salty Seamen 202 - 110  
March 21st 2015 Killer Apes from Outer Space - Gothenburg Salty Seamen 102 - 187  
February 28th 2015 South Wales Silures Bach - Gothenburg Salty Seamen 167 - 171  
February 7th 2015 Gothenburg Salty Seamen - South German Men's Roller Derby 160 - 144  
August 23rd 2014 Gothenburg Salty Seamen - Aarhus Rollin' Menace 326 - 77  

Quite impressive, right? Read more at Flat track stats!

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